Get ready to grow.

Whether you are a start-up business, a growing Louisiana business or a mature corporation, Jeffrey B. Mathews, CPA, LLC has the expertise to help you.  Through prompt and timely service, along with an intimate knowledge of the rules and regulations, we can keep you ahead of government deadlines, maintain order in your internal financial systems, and reduce the headaches that come with owning a business. We can handle it all, from your payroll needs to banking and check writing.  If you’re having issues preparing your financial statements, we can tackle them for you.  You name it…we can do it!

Bookkeeping Services

Whether you prefer your bookkeeping is done on a monthly or quarterly basis, we’ll reconcile your bank account, generate an income statement, clean up your general ledger, and generate a balance sheet. Maybe most important of all, when you use our services we will be there to answer all of the questions you have, making sure that your business has a solid foundation and accurate accounting system in place.

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Bank Reconciliation:
Bank reconciliation ensures that all of your important records are up-to-date and in sync with each other. By carefully reviewing your business checking account and comparing it to your accounting and tax information, we’re able to help you:

Identify missing checks and deposits and discover unauthorized wire transactions.
Spot bank charges which may be unjustified or excessive and prevent them from happening in the future.
Make sure transactions are posted correctly.
Protect yourself from the risk of funds being embezzled as well as unauthorized or forged checks or other fraudulent activity. Constant analysis and oversight can transfer responsibility and risk to the bank.
Have a clear picture of the health of your business.
Provide you with more effective cash management.
Have the piece of mind of knowing that all of your financial paperwork is in order.
Income Statement:
An income statement is a valuable business toll that itemizes all of your revenues and expenses in order to show you your profit or loss during a given period.

Having an accurate and current income statement gives you the ability to:

See at a glance where you are spending too much or staying within your budget.
See exactly where you are making money and where you are spending money in order to assess business performance.
See where expenses are running higher than anticipated, allowing you to make corrections.
Identify other unanticipated activities, such as product returns or sudden increases in the cost of goods.
Calculate income tax owed.
Balance Sheet:
Having an accurate balance sheet available provides you with a quick way to determine the health of your business at any given moment. By reviewing balance sheet information you can:

See where your business’ strengths and weaknesses lie
Spot trends, determine their cause and come up with solutions, especially those involving accounts payables and accounts receivable.
Make informed decisions regarding the possibility of expansion.
Make informed decisions regarding your ability to remain flexible in the face of expansion and contraction of business.
Determine whether you need to increase your cash reserves.
See whether your payables are being made in a timely way.
Having an up-to-date, accurate balance sheet and income sheet is essential for businesses that are considering applying for credit or who are responsible for providing financial reporting to creditors. These are the documents that they will rely upon in making decisions that are important to your business’ future.

Keeping a Clean General Ledger
One of the most important services that we provide to small business is a regular review of your general ledger system. The reason that this is so essential is that the general ledger is where the most essential information about your company’s finances is recorded. If something within the ledger is incorrect, the problem will flow through the rest of the company’s financial information, so having us double check for accuracy and discover any discrepancies will ensure that bigger problems don’t develop along the way.

Payroll Services

Managing payroll may not seem like a critical task until something goes wrong. It can be time-consuming, but, more importantly, it requires a good knowledge of the tax laws and deposit rules.

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At Sulphur based Jeffrey B. Mathews, CPA, LLC, we can simplify the payroll process for you. We assist Louisiana small businesses in all areas of payroll and can provide full-service payroll duties upon request.

Your only responsibility is to obtain and provide employee data, such as the hours worked and other related information. Upon receipt of your data, we’ll take it from there.

We offer a wide range of services, which include the following:
Checks or Direct Deposit for Your Employees
Payroll Reports
Quarterly Tax Forms
Year-End Tax Forms
Tax Deposit Services
W-2s and 1099s

Tax Planning & Preparation

Our goal is to make the preparation process as easy as possible for you and minimize your tax liability with careful planning. Your tax preparation interview can be conducted either in person, by mail, or e-mail – whichever is most convenient for you. Whatever your circumstances may be, we are here to give you the best advice to help you get through life’s challenges.

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Whether you need current year returns prepared or need to plan for retirement or your child’s education, our professional team can assist you with all of your needs.

This office provides many services, including the following:
Individual Tax Preparation
Business Tax Return Preparation
Gift & Estate Tax Return Preparation
Partnership & Corporate Tax Preparation
Estate and Succession Planning
Tax & Education Planning
Out-of-State Returns
Business Start-Ups

Business Advice

If you want an objective opinion based on years of helping businesses similar to yours, you’ve come to the right place. Relying on our experience in strategic planning, feasibility studies, information systems evaluation, outsourcing opportunity evaluations, estate planning, and mergers and acquisitions could be your best step toward greater success.

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We can help you make logical decisions and avoid pitfalls that your business can do without. When you retain our services, you can rest-assured that your business is in good hands.

New Business Formation
Owning and operating your own Louisiana business is a dream for may aspiring entrepreneurs, but the reality of running a business can quickly squash the initial thrill. Making sure that you are well equipped to manage all aspects of running a business is the key to success, while failure to do so is a recipe for disaster. Our new business formation services will provide you with a strategy that will give you a plan for the future that lays out a long view, providing a methodical approach that protects your dream and avoids the mistakes that many make.

Our service will provide you with an initial business plan that provides you with an approach to marketing, financial planning and management. We will help you assess your initial capital requirements and sources from which you can get it. We’ll also help you determine how much you will be qualified to borrow for your business. We’ll look at the different types of business structure, evaluating each in terms of your legal exposure, their tax advantages, and how easily you will be able to operate in order to find the one that works best for you. We’ll also help you plan for relocation if necessary.

From a business services perspective we’ll help you choose an accounting software package that is appropriate for your needs, including your budget and your hardware, and will create a cash flow budget to help you anticipate your needs as you go through your business’ first few years of growth. We’ll help you create a billing system and collection policies and procedures that will facilitate cash flow, and help you create a budget and procedures to help you stick to it. If you plan on operating out of a home office we’ll show you the best way to do so in order to give you the maximum tax advantage.

There are so many documents and applications required to establish a new business, and we’ll help you with all of those too. We’ll provide you with help in the process of applying for all appropriate state and local permits and licenses, as well as your Federal Employer Identification Number. We’ll assess your business’ insurance needs, and when you hire your first employee we’ll take care of setting up your payroll and payroll tax filing, making sure that you comply with all employment laws. If your business is a partnership, we’ll help you create a Partnership Agreement that provides all involved with the appropriate protections and anticipates and heads off potential problems in the future.